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Leadership development - humann.dk

The Captain Program

Leadership training that enables you to direct yourself and other people

Innovation Quality Equality

A development program for managers and ambitious people who want to develop their full potential and become the best version of themselves. This happens in a simulator created for you and developed by creative and competent people.

We will create and customise a program particularly for your business.

3 modules leading to success


The Clarity

You are aware of your potential, talent, motivation and needs. You have ambitious goals for your life and your business and you are ready to launch them


The Simulator

You have exercised and developed your skills and talents in order to reach your ambitious goals. The Leadership simulator er created to optimise your development opportunities


The Fulfillment

You are now a captain: you know the art of being in balance with yourself and your surroundings, and you are able to direct yourself and other people and reach ambitious goals and results


Humann.dk’s 15 days program help you become captain of your life and your business

Great Leaders

The best leaders are crystal-clear on their vision and mission. They are authentic and other poeple feel naturally drawn to them and their message. They have a high integrity, self-awareness, empathy and good social skills and they are good at motivating others. They are highly developed professionally as well as socially

Becoming a whole person

Our development program is directed towards becoming a whole person. We teach you how to develop the best conditions to create balance in your life, based on seven valuable life areas. We focus on physical, mental and social energy and make use of meditation and visualisation in our Leadership simulator, in order to give you the best opportunities to develop

The latest knowledge

Experience knowledge and use of the most recent knowledge within psychology and neuroscience creates an exciting development process meant to inspire and give you the best conditions for creativity and development. Our simulator also includes creative activities such as metaphors to describe and imagine the best version of yourself

Module 1  The Clarity

A five day intensive program created to make you gain you insight into your talent, skills and motivation and give you the awareness you need in order to create a purpose with your life. You will work with three projects and seven valuable life areas.

This method enables you to see seven valuable areas of your life clearly. It gives you a good foundation for developing realistic goals for your 3 projects and safeguard the integration and implementation of your plans.

3 projects with continuous stages  > Clarification > Plan > Integration >

Project 1 Personal development

Project 2 Leadership / team development

Project 3 Business development

7 valuable life areas

1- Career/purpose/mission   2- Physical and mental energy   3- Finances

4- Management of time and ressources   5- Growth and contribution

6- Social energy/relations   7- Integration/practical tasks

You will make use of the 3 projects and 7 valuable life areas throughout all three stages of our simulator.

You will work on your projects on your own as well as on a team with the other participants (max 25) in THE CAPTAIN PROGRAM.

Participation in module 1 involves a business-related psychological test and a clarification conversation to make you gain insight into your natural talents, preferences, motivation and needs. The process gives you a good basis for your clarification process and your first development plan which you will develop with us before enrolling in Module 1. This also gives us an opportunity to prepare the optimal simulator process for you.

You develop your skills through experience knowledge

You construct 3 plans consisting of ambitious goals for your personal development, your leadership development and your business development.

We create a process based on experience knowledge, theory and personal coaching in order to give your the optimal learning conditions.

Elements included in Module 1-3:

  • Leadership
  • Personal navigation
  • Efficient planning and time management
  • Communication
  • Mental energy/meditation
  • Physical energy
  • Social energy/relations
  • Human needs
  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Economic latitude
  • Creativity (music, painting, drawing, theatre and singing)
  • Yoga

Out of the simulator and into reality

You have accomplished Module 1 and are more clarified than ever before: you are aware of your talents, skills, needs and motivation. You also know how to develop further in order to achieve your goals and contribute more. You will now work on integrating and implementing your plans into your work life and private life. You will use your experiences from Module 1 to optimise your development plans and create a good basis to develop your skills further in the Leadership simulator in Module 2.

Module 2  The Simulator

Are you ready to be a captain for 5 days?

5 days intensive training in our Leadership simulator reflecting a business in a state of flux and the challenges it brings. You will have the opportunity to train and test your personal and professional skills.

The simulator is customised to each participant’s individual needs and potential in order to give you the best experience and effect.

Experience, learn, grow

Ready, set, go!

You have to accomplish Module 1 in order to participate in Module 2. However, the most important condition is your decision to accomplish this development journey. Your mental readiness is crucial for your development.

Leadership training, team development and personal development

Module 3  The Fulfillment

The art of being happy in life or “The Art of Fulfilment’ is what Module 3 is about. You have plans for your life, those you have developed in Module 1 and continually adjusted in Module 2. You have trained the necessary skills and acquired the tools that enable you to achieve your goals. Mastering the ability to achieve your goals is important, but not necessarily what makes you happy. The Art of Fulfilment does that — the art of fulfilling your needs and creating balance and harmony

You have accomplished Module 2 and you are even more clarified and aware of your strengths and development. You have made an intense effort to develop the necessary skills that make you a good leader and a competent captain.

You have tested your abilities to create a committed team with a shared goal and to lead the team towards achieving this goal.

Module 3 teached you how you create and maintain the balance in your life and your business, also in a process of change.

Meditation and contemplation contributes to your learning process and helps you to achieve calm and mental energy for yourself and your surroundings

Meditation, health and the whole

Our focus in Module 3 is about creating balance and harmony: meditation, mental, physical and social energy and relationships and integrating those into everyday life. Balance and harmony has to be there permanently, not just occasionally.


You have become a competent captain. You have an amazing basis of leading your life fully and guiding other people to achieve outstanding results. You have learned how to create development programs for yourself and others and you have trained how to construct an efficient team committed to a shared goal.

Competency development is a continuous process that requires ongoing sparring, inspiration and learning. We want to help you with that, for example by means of our annual follow-up seminar.

We host an annual follow-up seminar for all our captains. The date will figure on our website when you have accomplished Module 3.