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Teambuilding - humann.dk

Team building

We create a specific course of development fitted exactly for your business and your needs

Magic happens when a group has developed into a committed team with a shared goal

Do you want to create growth in your business and the best development setting for your employees?

A couple of days a year allocated to team development / teambuilding can be a really good investment in your business. It gives your employees / team a good shared experience and a fantastic sense of solidarity and strengthens the social relations, and not least it teambuilding provides the best platform for development. It requires knowledge, experience and planning to create the best setting for development — this is where we enter the scene.


Of course we take the team and its specific need for development as our starting point. We discuss the purpose and the goal of development together, as well as the challenges that the team will face regarding the values and strategy of the business.


We make a complete teambuilding plan, featuring all necessary details and taking the different input from the clarification meeting into account. Potential changes will be discussed and adjusted in the final plan.

Completion / teambuilding

We create a simulator which ensures that the goals and the purpose of the course of development will be attained, as well as making sure that everyone has a good experience.


The follow-up on the team’s development is crucial to maintain the acquired skills. The results from the follow-up will provide the basis for an estimate of the team’s needs and their next stage of development. We will gladly follow up half a year later and provide feedback on the team’s development.